Dominion - Intrigue 2nd ed

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Dominion - Intrigue 2nd ed
Dominion: Intrigue (Second Edition), an expansion for Dominion or Dominion (Second Edition), contains 26 Kingdom card types that can be used with the base game. It no longer has Basic cards and thus is no longer a stand-alone expansion; to expand to 5-6 players, use Base Cards. Dominion: Intrigue (Second Edition) replaces six Kingdom card types from the first edition with six new types of Kingdom cards, while also replacing the blank cards in that item with a seventh new Kingdom card; these new cards are also available on their own in the Dominion: Intrigue Update Pack. In addition, the rulebook has been rewritten, one card has had a mild functional change (Masquerade skips players with no cards in hand), and other cards have received updated wording while remaining functionally the same.

  • Deck Building Game
  • Easy Learn
  • Very High Repaly Value

Game Time:30 min
Language:English Only
Weight:1.2 kg
Designer:Donald X. Vaccarino
Artist:Matthias Catrein
BGG Link:dominion-intrigue-second-edition