Karibou Camp

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Karibou Camp
Each turn in Karibou Camp, players discover their partner, then simultaneously exchange the cards from their hand with those in the center of the table in order to create a collection of identical animals — but to earn points, you still need to make your partner understand which collection you have completed! Marmots? Give them a wink. Caribou? Pull your tongue out. Be discreet because at any moment your opponents can catch you and steal your points. Speed, observation, grimaces, and laughs are plenty in this crazy party game.

  • Partner cooperate
  • Silly fun, works for kids
  • Pass the cards and reaction

Game Time:20 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:460 g
Designer:Lionel Borg, Jérémie Caplanne
Artist:Rémy Tornior
BGG Link:karibou-camp