UNO - Mario Kart UNO 瑪莉奧賽車 瑪莉歐賽車

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UNO - Mario Kart

UNO Mario Kart plays like classic UNO except every card has a symbol in the bottom corner that represents iconic Mario Kart items (Mushroom, Banana Peel, Green Shell, Lightning, or Bob-omb). The items don’t do anything during normal play, but if you play a Wild Item Box Card you get to flip the top card of the deck into the discard pile and immediately use the item shown on that card. Each item has a different action: Mushroom: Take another turn. Banana Peel: The player who went before you has to draw two cards. Green Shell: Any player of your choice must draw one card. Lightning: All other players must draw one card, then you take another turn. Bob-omb: You must draw two cards, then you can choose the color that continues play.

  • UNO
  • Mario Kart
  • Super Mario Bros

Game Time:10-30 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:185 g
Designer:Nick Hayes
BGG Link:uno-mario-kart