6 nimmt - 25 year

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6 nimmt - 25 year
6 nimmt! 25 year includes 28 additional cards to be used in a new variant. The game now lasts only two rounds, and at the start of play each player receives three special cards. Just before you have to place your number card in a row, you can choose to play one of your cards, with these cards opening a fifth row, moving a previously placed card to a different row, inserting one card between two others, allowing up to six cards in a row instead of five, blocking a row, replacing the card you played, and more.

  • Special card change the game, more exciting
  • Classic party game get new
  • it could be played with up to 10 players

Game Time:45 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:325 g
Designer:Wolfgang Kramer
Artist:Wolfgang Kramer, Franz Vohwinkel
BGG Link:6-nimmt-25-jahre