Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy set forth herein (“the Policy”) applies to all users who access, browse, or use the website (“the Website”) By accessing, browsing, or using the Website, you indicate your acceptance to the Policy. If you do not accept the Policy, please stop accessing, browsing, or using the Website.
Painkiller BG Shop recognizes the importance of your personal privacy and endeavours to protect it. Painkiller BG Shop utilizes and discloses your personal information in accordance with regulations set forth in the Policy. Painkiller BG Shop reserves the right to update and modify the contents of the Website at any time, and may unilaterally amend the Policy without notification. You should review the Policy for any possible amendments on a regular basis, as your continued use of the Website constitutes your acceptance to be bound by any changes to the Policy. In case of any discrepancies between the Policy and other terms and conditions of use, the Policy shall prevail.

Definition and interpretation of personal data
The term “personal data” refers to any data relating directly or indirectly to a living individual, from which it is practicable for the identity of said individual to be directly or indirectly ascertained, that exist in a form in which access to, and processing of, said data is practicable.

Personal data collection policy
1. You shall from time to time provide adequate but not excessive personal data to Painkiller BG Shop on a voluntary basis, in the course of applying for membership, or making transactions. Painkiller BG Shop may not be able to serve you if you are unable to supply or update your personal data.
2. Painkiller BG Shop shall take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that your personal data are protected against unauthorised or accidental access, processing, deletion or other uses, and shall further ensure that you may be informed of the types of personal data held by Painkiller BG Shop, as well as the main purposes for which said data are to be used.
3. Painkiller BG Shop complies with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, amongst other statutory provisions, in any stipulated responsibilities and requirements of its policies and practices regarding the collection, use, storage, disclosure, transfer, protection, and access of personal data.

Purpose of keeping personal data
Personal data shall be used solely for the purpose for which said data were intended to be used at the time of collection, unless you have given your express consent for a change of use, or such uses are required or permitted by the statutory provisions or the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Painkiller BG Shop shall not retain personal data for longer than is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose (including any directly related purpose) for which said data are, or are to be, used.

Use of collected personal data
When using the Website, applying for membership, updating your information, making an inquiry and/or using other services provided by the Website, you may need to provide your information, including but not limited to name and contact information. You agree to provide said information to Painkiller BG Shop on a voluntary basis. You agree and understand that any and all information supplied to, and collected by, Painkiller BG Shop may be used for the following purposes:
1. identity validation and record-keeping for membership application,
2. day-to-day management, operation and management of the Member Programme,
3. periodic communications to you from us and our affiliates, including but not limited to Member Programme details, products, offers, and joint promotional information,
4. communications with you,
5. promotions and advertisement of any products/services by us, our agents, and our contractors,
6. sorting and analysis of your information, including personal data, records of consumption and promotions downloads, in order for us to understand your characteristics and purchasing behaviour so that you may be provided with services better tailored to your needs, and in order for your instructions, applications, inquiries and complaints to be processed,
7. executing surveys of customers, products, and services,
8. designing new services or participating merchants, or improving pre-existing services,
9. processing orders, payments and various service requests,
10. any purposes beyond the Policy which you and we may agree on, and
11. any disclosure obliged of us in compliance to statutory provisions and any matter directly related to those aforementioned.
Painkiller BG Shop shall make use of your information, including but not limited to name, correspondence address, email address, mobile phone number, number and sum of purchases made, as well as other information required in the course of our service provisions. You must provide your personal data for the aforementioned purposes. Failure of such may prevent us from completing your membership application and providing online services.

Direct marketing
Painkiller BG Shop shall make use of your name, correspondence address, email address, mobile phone number, number and sum of purchases made, for the purposes of direct marketing described as follows, whether through means of post, email, telephone, SMS message, short message service, or likewise.

If you no longer wish Painkiller BG Shop  to use your personal data for direct marketing purposes, you may contact us at 3568 3227 during our office hours. We shall stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes within a reasonable period of time gratis. 

Disclosure and transfer of personal data
We respects and cares about your concerns over personal privacy, and personal data held by Painkiller BG Shop are thus kept confidential. You acknowledge, agree, and authorize Painkiller BG Shop to retain and store information provided by you on servers at Painkiller BG Shop and/or affiliated companies, whereby such messages and information may be transmitted to Hong Kong or beyond, with said information provided, disclosed, granted access, and transferred to:
1. employees of Painkiller BG Shop  and affiliated companies who are authorized to handle said information for collection purposes aforementioned,
2. anyone to whom Painkiller BG Shop  is obliged to disclose in accordance with the law or other instructions from statutory bodies.

Security of personal data
Painkiller BG Shop cannot guarantee absolute reliability in data transfer over the Internet. we will use various practical and feasible security technologies and protocols to protect your personal data from third party interference. You shall nevertheless be fully aware that other websites hyperlinked from the Website may collect your personal information. Painkiller BG Shop is not connected with, and bears no responsibility for, any information you may provide to third parties.

Inquiry and update of personal data
You are entitled to:
1. review any records of your personal data that are held by Painkiller BG Shop ,
2. ascertain the privacy policies and practices administered by Painkiller BG Shop from time to time with regard to personal data, and
3. request at any time to stop receiving direct marketing communications from Painkiller BG Shop.
If you would like to submit any of the aforementioned requests or make any inquiries about Painkiller BG Shop's privacy statement, you may contact us through the following channels. Please provide your name, contact phone number, where applicable.
•phone: 3568 3227 (Office hours: Mon-Fri 2.00pm-11:00pm) 
In accordance with the Ordinance, Painkiller BG Shop reserves the right to charge you a reasonable fee for the processing of any Personal Data access request.

Use of cookies
Painkiller BG Shop will configure and access cookies on your personal computer in order to access or use services or functions that are dependent on cookies, provided that you do not refuse to accept cookies. Painkiller BG Shop may use cookies to provide you with a more comprehensive and personalized service. You are entitled to either accept or refuse to accept cookies. You may refuse to accept cookies by modifying the configuration on your browser. If you choose to refuse to accept cookies, you may be unable to sign in or use services or functions that are dependent on cookies. The Policy applies to information obtained through cookies dispatched by Painkiller BG Shop.

Note: If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version of the Terms, the Chinese version shall prevail.