Bushido - Der Weg des Kriegers

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Bushido - Der Weg des Kriegers
Basically this game is all about resource management and conflict, but unlike other games in this category you won't necessarily win, if you conquer the most areas. Your main goal is to earn enough honor, which can be achieved in different ways. There are two kinds of honor. 'Daimyo-Honor' is the victory condition and can be directly gained by holding provinces, and indirectly by transforming 'Samurai-Honor' at a set rate. 'Samurai-Honor' is gained by winning a defensive or offensive battle. It can be transformed into 'Daimyo-Honor' with a tea ceremony. The first Daimyo who earns 50 points of honor wins the game. If this goal is not reached within 12 turns, the Daimyo with the most honor at that point wins the game.

  • Battle game
  • Strategy of bargaining power
  • Very beautiful layout and exquisite design

Game Time:90 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:2 kg
Designer:Michael Nietzer, Oliver Wolf
Artist:Hans-Jörg Brehm
BGG Link:bushido-der-weg-des-kriegers