Monopoly The Card Game

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Monopoly The Card Game
Rummy for Monopoly fans! Every property on the board has a card for you to collect to form at least one complete set. There are also house, hotel and token cards to multiply the value of your sets. Mr. Monopoly and GO! Cards provide quick points and help fill out the 10-card hand in a 4-player game. Instead of a discard pile, each player has his own trade pile. Players can draw from the deck or exchange their trade piles with other players (whether they like it or not). A stack of money is included but is unnecessary since cash is only used to keep score and cannot be spent or exchanged.

  • Monopoly fan must buy
  • Trading mechanism with risk
  • Nothing to do with traditional Monopoly

Game Time:30 min
Language:English, Not Much
Weight:195 g
Designer:Phil Orbanes Sr.
Artist:Steven Strumpf
BGG Link:monopoly-card-game