Saboteur - The Mother Lode Bonus Pack 矮人掘金 - 大礦脈套裝

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Saboteur - The Mother Lode Bonus Pack

You’re digging for gold deep in the shadowy maze of a mining tunnel, when suddenly a pickaxe shatters your lamp and the cavern goes pitch black. The saboteur has struck again... but who is the saboteur? This bonus pack includes everything from the original game and the Saboteur 2 Expansion Pack, plus a collectors’ card that introduces a devious special character. With its unique combination of cooperation and betrayal, Saboteur reveals new secrets every time it’s played. So whether you dig into the original game, add on the expansion pack, or mine the possibilities of the collectors' card, with this Saboteur bundle you've hit the mother lode of treasure and treachery.

  • Saboteur 1 and 2, with bonus cards
  • Max 12 players
  • Great Bluffing Party Game

Game Time:30 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:550 g
Designer:Fréderic Moyersoen
Artist:Andrea Boekhoff
BGG Link:saboteur-mother-lode-bonus-pack