Spyfall - Time Travel

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Spyfall - Time Travel
Spyfall: Time Travel is a standalone threequel for Spyfall — an easy-to-learn party game that features bluffing, suspicion, probing questions, and clever answers. At the start of each round, players receive a secret card informing them of the group's location, except for one player who receives the spy card instead. The spy doesn't know where they are, but if they can figure out the location before their cover is blown, they win the round! This game is fully compatible with other games of Spyfall.

  • Best version of spyfall
  • Social deception and deduction games
  • Requires a little bit of learning or knowing all included historical locations

Game Time:15-45 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:695 g
Designer:Alexandr Ushan
Artist:Sergey Dulin, Anton Kvasovarov, Uildrim
BGG Link:spyfall-time-travel