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Life in the village is hard – but life here also allows the inhabitants to grow and prosper as they please. One villager might want to become a friar. Another might feel ambitious and strive for a career in public office. A third one might want to seek his luck in distant lands. Each player will take the reins of a family and have them find fame and glory in many different ways. There is one thing you must not forget, however: Time will not stop for anyone and with time people will vanish. Those who will find themselves immortalized in the village chronicles will bring honor to their family and be one step closer to victory.

  • Worker placement, family game
  • Sometime you may want your workers die
  • Village life is hard

Game Time:60-90 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:1.39 kg
Designer:Inka Brand, Markus Brand
Artist:Dennis Lohausen
BGG Link:village