Monopoly Mega Edition 大富翁特大版

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Monopoly Mega Edition

Monopoly: The Mega Edition is bigger and believe it or not, faster than regular Monopoly. What makes it bigger is a larger board, Train Depots, Skyscrapers, 9 new Properties, and the addition of the $1,000 bill. It is faster because of a new speed die and Bus cards. Monopoly: The Mega Edition can be played in 1½ hours with more fun than ever! The massive game board has 12 additional spaces, including 9 new properties. You'll be able to buy, for the first time: California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Arctic Avenues, plus the Gas Company. Each joins an existing group.

  • Monopoly!
  • Auction
  • Cash flow control

Game Time:90 min
Language:English, Not Much
Weight:1.5 kg
Designer:Phil Orbanes Sr.