Ponte del Diavolo

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Ponte del Diavolo
Ponte del Diavolo by Martin Ebel is a game that honors both game designer Alex Randolph and Twixt, one of Randolph's most enduring designs. In this tactical 2-player placement game (ostensibly set in Venice, but this is an abstract), players place wooden squares to build "islands" and then attempt to connect them with bridges. Sounds simple, but it's not. With strict rules governing island size and bridge placement, Ponte del Diavolo becomes a tight game of positioning. Much like Randolph's Twixt, the need to think several moves ahead is critical to out-maneuvering your opponent. In honour of the late Alex Randolph (1922 - 2004), who passed away in Venice, there is a picture of him on the box of the game.

  • Forks, bridge threats vs. tile threats
  • Go terminology
  • Fast-playing territory-grabbing game

Game Time:25 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:650 g
Designer:Martin Ebel
Artist:Julien Delval, Christof Tisch
BGG Link:ponte-del-diavolo