Quoridor Pac-Man (EN)

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Quoridor Pac-Man (EN)

( 連結: 步步為營 Pac-Man 中文版 )

Embark on a new adventure with Quoridor Pac-Man, an exclusive version of Quoridor that allows players to assume the role of either PAC-MAN or one of the four ghosts.

Explore two game modes: opt for the classic Quoridor challenge, navigating through the maze; or immerse yourself in the classic PAC-MAN game!

Each player has 10 walls, and players take turns moving their piece or placing walls to block their opponent. Once a player has placed all their walls, they can only move their piece, and the first to reach the opponent's baseline wins. The Pac-Man version of Quoridor retains the basic gameplay but adds exclusive PAC-MAN mechanics.

Game Time:15 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:1.2 kg
Designer:Mirko Marchesi
BGG Link:quoridor-pac-man