Risk 1959 戰國風雲 1959

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Risk 1959

This is the classic reproduction of Risk as it was in 1959. Its appeal is timeless. Make the "right moves" and you'll conquer the world! The game contains an over-sized bi-fold game board with original style art, 6 sets of beautiful wooden "army" pieces, deck of area cards with original style art, high quality dice, and a rules book featuring a History of Risk.; From the Manufacturer; You'll Need sound strategy-and some luck- plus great diplomacy to persuade your opponents to spare you and attack the others.

  • Family Wargame
  • Classic area control game
  • Reprint of the old version

Game Time:60-90 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:2.3 kg
Designer:Albert Lamorisse, Michael I. Levin