Painkiller 2nd-hand Shop - BUYER'S NOTICE

Buyer guideline:
1. Buyer could order and pay anytime.  If buyer could not receive the games, we will refund 100%.
2. Separate the order with any items of Painkiller BG Shop. Any discounts in online shop are NOT applicable for any second-hand items.
3. Buyer can only pay with Payme or Alipay.  In cases, we have digital record and it is convenient for refund.
4. Please choose "Pick up at store" and leave your Contact(Whatsapp).
5. After payment, seller will send the items to us (Painkiller Boardgame, TST) within 7 days.
6. We will send message to the buyer for picking up, buyer should come for the items in 7 days.
7. Buyer should check the status when they receive the items.
8. After checking, the trade is final and is no longer refundable. Please reserve time for checking.

Please note that transferring items from sellers to our shop may take days.
Please note, there may be reasons for sellers not finishing the deal. We will 100% refund the amount if that happened.
Buyers have the right to reject the trade only if there is any reasonable issue of the items which is not mentioned by the sellers.
If buyer insist delivery items, extra delivery cost will be applied and calculated later.
We do not hold items in most cases. Buyer should pick up in time or no guarantee receive the items.
We accept only authentic copies for selling in our shop.
Bundle items cannot be separated.
Second hand games could be lower or higher price than market value, price sometimes could not be comparable.
We keep all contacts in privacy between buyers and sellers.