Painkiller 2nd-hand Shop - Submission

Publisher;   Year;   Out of Print;   Special edition;   Signatured;   Additional special cards;   With Expansions/Containers;   Etc.

There are too many different cases, please use it wisely (not required).

Brand new/Unopened;   Unplayed;   Almost brand new;   Only played once or twice;   X% new;   Played many times but in good condition;   Slightly incomplete;   Fair;   etc.
Good;   Almost brand new;   Slightly dented;   A little old;   Damaged but does not affect the game;   Fair;   Protected/covered;   Etc.
Sleeves protected;   Unopened;   Unused;   The number of cards is checked;   Unimportant cards are missing;   Some are missing;   Special cards included;   General;   A little old;   Etc
Good;   Not used;   Quantity checked;   Missing unimportant parts;   Replacement parts;   Missing;   Plus protection;   Special edition;   General;   Etc.
Good;   Slightly dented;   Repaired;   Stained;   A little stained;   Laminated/Protected/Coated;   Fair;   Played many times but in good condition;   Etc.
Good;   Slightly stained;   Slightly dilapidated;   Missing pages;   Missing;   X language version;   Additional manual;   Slightly old;   Etc.

Before 30 November, no commission fee will be applied.
After that, newly registered seller would have 30 days free commission period, regardless the number of games sold.
10% of the price or minimum $20 will be applied as commission for each selling item.
Seller could change the items or details anytime, including the price, at any time. (Whatsapp: 6558 3227)