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In a distant future, scientists were able to build small alternate Earths. You can visit all of these 504 alternate Earths to experience how the people are living, and decide which of these worlds harbors the best civilization. On which World do you want to live? Explore them all and decide! 504 is a game that creates 504 different games out of one box. The game consists of nine modules, (Deliver, Race, Privileges, Military, Exploration ...) in each single game, you take three different modules from the nine available and assemble them in any order you like to create a new game.

  • No.2 in The Great Designer Series 2015
  • Rule books are very important, to make each game
  • If you want to design game, you must buy this.

Game Time:30-120 min
Language:English Only
Weight:2.55 kg
Designer:Friedemann Friese
Artist:Harald Lieske
BGG Link:504