Camel Up (2nd ed) 駱駝大賽 2.0

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Camel Up (2nd ed)

In Camel Up, up to eight players bet on five racing camels, trying to suss out which ones will place first and second in a quick race around a pyramid. The earlier you place your bet, the more you can win — should you guess correctly, of course. This 2018 edition of Camel Up features new artwork, a new game board design, a new pyramid design, engraved dice, and new game modes, including crazy rogue camels that start the race running in the opposite direction! You never know how a race will end!

  • Camel Racing
  • 8 players
  • Race and Bet

Game Time:30-45 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:1.35 kg
Designer:Steffen Bogen
Artist:Chris Quilliams
BGG Link:camel-second-edition