Catan - China

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Catan - China
Trade, build and develop in this classic trading game! Your settlers seek to tame the remote isle of Catan. Guide your settlers to victory by making clever trades and by building up your villages and cities. Your holdings grow and expand by trading with the other players, building roads and villages in prosperous places on the board. Beside the Catan base game, it includes a China map with new rules and Chinese building miniatures. In the China map version, player can connect their town to the monument and gain a victory point. Other than building towns and cities, players need to sponsor the building of the Great Wall, to please the Emperor which will gain you victory point as well.

  • Classic trading game with China map expansion
  • The monuments are good quality
  • Good deal, for basic plus expansion, trade?

Game Time:75 min
Language:Chinese, Not Much
Weight:2.47 kg
Designer:Klaus Teuber
Artist:Michaela Kienle, Michael Menzel
BGG Link:catan-core-china-map