Coup Rebellion G54

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Coup Rebellion G54
In Coup: Rebellion (G54), the last player with influence in the game wins, with influence being represented by face-down character cards in your playing area. Before each game players choose five character roles from a randomized deck. Characters have a unique variable power, and the deck is formed by three iterations of each role for fifteen cards total. When you take one of the character actions – whether actively on your turn, or defensively in response to someone else's action – that character's action automatically succeeds unless an opponent challenges you.

  • Character ability and deduction game
  • Bluffing, negotiation or luck are matters
  • 25 characters, a lot of combination

Game Time:15 min
Language:English, Not Much
Weight:900 g
Designer:Rikki Tahta
Artist:Luis Francisco
BGG Link:coup-rebellion-g54