Find Out Totoro Game あるいてさがそう トトロのどんどこゲーム

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Find Out Totoro Game
あるいてさがそう トトロのどんどこゲーム

Combines elements of standard memory game and traditional collect-and-win family games in a wonderful world of My Neighbor Totoro by Studio Ghibli. In this game you will play as one of four small Totoros. On your turn you will roll the dice to move around big camphor tree and then: 1. uncover as many matching memo cards as possible to get more acorns or get suprised upon uncovering disadvantage memo card 2. encounter middle Totoro and move your Makkuro Kurosuke figure to the next level of the tree (this will also give you more acorns) 3. perform special actions (only on specific fields): redraw or cards uncovering. Game finishes when any players Makkuro Kurosuke reaches the top of the camphor tree.

  • となりのトトロ
  • Memory and Racing
  • Special actions and collect sets

Game Time:15-30 min
Language:Japanese, Not Much
Weight:1.8 kg
Designer:Studio Ghibli
Artist:Hayao Miyazaki
BGG Link:my-neighbor-totoro-aruite-sagaso-totoros-dondoko-g