Romolo o Remo

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Romolo o Remo
In Romolo o Remo?, Central Italy in the year 753 B.C, players act as Kings of the new cities in the Latium and have to compete with each other in order to gain control of the whole Region. Players must manage their kingdom and their growing settlement. Two aspects are crucial: the citizens, as players act with citizens to take many different actions, and the territory, as players can act only in the territories they are able to control – excluding when they go to war, of course! If the population grows, they can take more actions, but they must feed all of them as well. Money, resources, trades, city buildings, and specialized characters increase a player's possibilites, and soldiers, mercenaries, and war declarations can change the game's storyline at any moment.

  • History
  • Civilization and development
  • Many different strategies and very low downtimes

Game Time:150 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:1.83 kg
Designer:Michele Quondam
Artist:Lamberto Azzariti, Paula Simonetti
BGG Link:romolo-o-remo