Super Vampire

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Super Vampire
In Super-Vampire, the evildoer Dr. Garlic has set his evil plan in motion to place garlic everywhere in the freshly cleaned crypt! This means you need to hurry and get rid of all the garlic before sunrise. Luckily, super vampires keep special garlic-eating pets called "Gorlocs" inside their towers, but Gorlocs don't like to run or walk or do just about anything other than eat garlic, so you must fly around the crypt and collect all the garlic to bring it back to the tower before sunrise.

  • Vampire theme - Action/Dexterity, Dice Rolling
  • Really fun for kids
  • Countdown timer is other player

Game Time:20 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:1.33 kg
Designer:Johannes Berger, Julien Gupta
Artist:Patricia Limberger
BGG Link:super-vampire