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Terra is a trivia game with cards that ask three related questions, such as "where was the Woodstock music festival?", "what year did it take place?" and "how many people attended it?" A card is selected, and players take turns guessing the answers to the questions by putting tokens on the board in different areas, such as on a map of the world, a time line, or a number line indicating the number of people (as in the example). Points are scored for correct answers, but some points are also scored for close answers. Whoever has the most points after a predetermined number of rounds wins the game.

  • Hard strategy game
  • Could learn and know more the earth
  • Much player are better

Game Time:45-60 min
Language:English Only
Weight:1.58 kg
Designer:Friedemann Friese
Artist:Sabine Kondirolli, Paul Laane, Ollin Timm
BGG Link:terra