Town 77 (EN/ES/DE/FR)

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Town 77

In Town 77, each player has a hand of tiles, with each tile showing one of seven house styles in one of seven colors/patterns. (The color/pattern of a tile also shows on its reverse side.) The game has 49 tiles in total, one of each possible combination. Each player starts with a hand of random tiles. The first player places a tile in the upper-left corner of an imaginary 7x7 square, then on each subsequent turn a player adds a tile to a row or column in this square so long as this tile is adjacent to at least one other tile and the color/house style isn't already present in this row and column. After playing a tile, a player can choose to draw a new tile or not. Once you lower your hand size, you can't increase it again. If you can't play on a turn, you're out of the game, and once everyone is out, whoever has the fewest tiles in hand — or who played latest in the event of a tie — wins.

  • Hand Management
  • Puzzle / Tile Placement
  • Town 66

Game Time:15 min
Language:No necessary
Weight:250 g
Designer:Christoph Cantzler, Anja Wrede
Artist:Jun Sasaki
BGG Link:town-77