Wongamania - Banana Economy

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Wongamania: Banana Economy
Wongamania: Banana Economy is an economic and modern finance board game that reflects the complexity of modern investment portfolio management by incorporating multiple asset classes that behave differently under different economic situations. Deviating from the traditional auction mechanisms, Wongamania uses a combination of resource management, environment manipulation, and take-that mechanisms to reflect the brutal competition and uncertainty of the modern global financial markets. Players have to manage a portfolio of stocks, properties and bonds, and assess the risk-reward. Players are also able to influence the economic environment to benefit their personal investment allocation, wreck havoc against other players, sabotage the personal lives of other players, hire professionals to disrupt the strategy of other, buy insurance to protect against sabotages.

  • Real economic stock market game
  • Managing resources within an ever fluctuating economy
  • Educational and Learning

Game Time:30 min
Language:English Only
Weight:410 g
Designer:Xeo Lye
Artist:Andy Choo, Made Lidya, Wong Chun Xi
BGG Link:wongamania-banana-economy