Painkiller 2nd-hand Shop - SELLER'S NOTICE

Seller guideline:
1. Please check the games status. Make sure the games are playable or collectible.
2. Click this link and fill in the form with information - Contact(Whatsapp), Game Title, Status, Price
3. Send the game pictures to us through Whatsapp (6558 3227). Make sure at least one picture for one selling item. (One item could be bunch of games.)
(We suggest one picture for the cover, and one picture for what components in the box.)
4. We will send you message once everything is ready in online shop.
5. If buyer order and pay the items, please send us (Painkiller Boardgame, TST) the game(s) within 7 days.
6. After the buyer check and receive the game(s), we will pay the amounts (after deducting any commission) by Payme, Alipay or in Cash.
7. Before 30 November, no commission fee will be applied.
8. After that, newly registered seller would have 30 days free commission period, regardless the number of games sold.
9. 10% of the price or minimum $20 will be applied as commission for each selling item.
10. We will check and update items information via Whatsapp every one to two months.

Each registered seller could put at most 5 items in our online shop at the same time.
Send us message immediately once your games are sold to someone else or not available anymore.
Seller could change the items or details anytime.
Please double check the game status before selling it, especially the numbers of cards and components.
Please state clear the condition of the game, and if there is any special situation or issue.
Buyers have the right to reject the trade if they find out any unstated issue.
We accept only authentic copies.
We have right to and may reject items which are suspicious or over-common.
Second hand games could be lower or higher priced than their market value.  Prices sometimes could not be comparable even between similar items.
We keep all contacts in privacy between buyers and sellers.